Monday, April 25, 2011

Work-in-progress... Disney Princesses

Remember these Disney Princesses? A customer came in and bought the rest of the panels we had in stock, and proceeded to sign up for classes as well. This was the project she worked on over several weeks...

She interspersed deep dark tone-on-tone and marbled purples with white polkadots on pale purple...

and finished off with borders of blue & purple flowers and marbled purple... there was a slight mistake in her final row (can you see it?), but I feel it adds character to her quilt :)

She used cotton batting for the quilt... she also wanted to hand-quilt the whole item (which is lovely and much easier to do with cotton batting), so it may take some more time for the final product to be ready :) It turned out to be quite a huge quilt, almost a queen-sized item!

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