Sunday, July 18, 2010

Notebook Cover Kits - As Is, Completed or for Children's Workshops

Pic above: completed notebook cover (above), kit (below)
Pic below: inside the notebook cover

Cute notebook cover kits... just a few samples of the stock we have in hand. Kits come complete with 1 set of notebook paper, all required fabrics, batting and thick paper for the covers and spine.
Available in 2 ways:-
1) As is
2) Completed projects
You can also purchase the kits as is, to be combined with a children's craft workshop (ideal for kids 5 and above). Some work with glue will be involved.
Perfect as quick projects or little gifts!
Price: starting from RM 15


  1. salam..
    ada lagi ke kit ni? kalau ada n nak macam mana nak buat bayaran?

  2. Salam adhan, ada lagi... Kalau nk, send me an email n I hntr account details to you... I boleh hntr pics of the other sets for you to choose from if u want... Otherwise I pilih je ikut kesesuaian u nk bg siapa...